"Comedians have become the truth-tellers. Satire allows you to say almost anything. That's where truth is spoken to power in our society. When you sugarcoat a bitter truth with humor, it makes the medicine go down.”
          —Malcolm Gladwell

Much in the way the comic strip, Dilbert, taught us about corporate office culture, Doc-Related now takes us behind the clinic doors of today’s ailing US healthcare system. A medley of anecdotes, comics, and data-backed musings, Doc-Related’s “truth-tellers” turn out to be a half-dozen characters you will surely recognize. Why? Because author, Dr. Peter Valenzuela, has literally created them from his 20-year experience as a practicing family physician and health system executive.
Whether you’re one of the 16 million Americans who work in the US healthcare industry, or simply someone who has tried to navigate its bureaucratic maze of insurance plans or electronic record systems—Doc-Related will help you see these challenges in a new light.


"Dr. Valenzuela takes much-needed aim at the painful absurdities of our current healthcare system using the most incisive tool possible: humor. For those slaving away in the trenches of medicine or struggling to keep the lights on in administration, Doc Related is the perfect way to laugh so we don’t have to cry. By hilariously highlighting our most insidious problems, he just might open some minds to real solutions."

          Dr. Zubin Damania (AKA ZDoggMD)

"Doc Related is the “medical textbook” to unleash the power of LOL to unlock the serious subject of providing quality care for  those in need."

          Erik Wahl, artist and bestselling author of Unthink and The Spark and the Grind

“Doc-Related is an exceptionally fun and timely read, perfectly delivered while America is suffering through the ‘post-pandemic’ burnout and the Great Resignation.  It uses humor and compassion to illustrate the problems that are challenging our system in ways that are thought-provoking.  Dr. Valenzuela’s storytelling gift is the ability to share the occasional ridiculousness of the complexity of medical practice in a way that gives everyone a personalized “peek behind the curtain” to everyone who touches healthcare, whether you are a physician, administrator, or patient.  I loved the stories, the cartoons, and the hope this book represents.”  

          —Halee Fischer-Wright, MD, MMM, best-selling author of Back to Balance and CEO of the Medical Group Management Association 

"I found myself nodding, laughing and whispering, YES to myself as I read Peter’s wonderful new book, Doc-Related. It is an incredible primer on the biggest challenges in healthcare, blended with real life leader insights, funny reflections and actionable solutions for all of us tackling leader, team engagement and operational challenges issues in healthcare now. Peter’s unique perspective of family medicine physician, and physician leader brings incredibly practical wisdom and actionable approaches to our big rock problems. Loved it!"

          Stephen Beeson MD, bestselling author Engaging Physicians and founder of Practicing Excellence