Dr. Peter Valenzuela is a nationally recognized physician leader, bestselling author, educator, and cartoonist.


Dr. Valenzuela has a passion for improving health care for patients and for healthcare providers. He does this by preparing physicians, clinicians, and administrators for the new healthcare arena and by helping organizations change their structures and systems to meet the healthcare needs.

Speaking & Facilitation

Dr. Valenzuela, is a recognized authority and frequent speaker in the areas of clinical leadership development, practice management and medical innovation based on his extensive background leading medical ...

Advising & Consulting

Dr. Valenzuela offers both advising services for healthcare startups as well as consulting services for medical group leaders and teams who want to prepare their organizations to thrive in the dynamic healthcare environment. He studies how leading organizations make a practice of ...

Curriculum Design

Dr. Valenzuela develops courses to guide physicians, clinicians and administrators through common leadership and operational challenges by focusing on core competencies and dispositions needed to thrive ...


Donovan Miske, Practice Administrator Flint OB/GYN

Dr Valenzuela is not just a leader in the medical industry, he might be THE LEADER - his progressive and outside-of-the-box approach to our field is truly taking us to the next level. I had the pleasure of attending a seminar that Dr Valenzuela facilitated, which was essentially a case study, where I felt that I learned more in just one hour than I had the entire two days previous.

Bill Stangl, VP of Physician Services Campbell County Medical Group

Our physician leadership council had been in place for several years and striving to take the next step. Dr. Valenzuela was instrumental in providing the vision and structure for the group. His ability to relate his prior experiences as a physician leader enabled our team to adopt the changes necessary to move forward and do so with confidence.

Tom Banning, CEO Texas Academy of Family Physicians

Peter was invaluable, leading a critical strategic planning process. His command of complex issues allowed him to successfully facilitate our meeting, eliciting insightful comments and engaging our members throughout the process. He is a consummate physician leader and professional.

Marc Mertz, Vice President GE Healthcare Camden Group

Dr. Valenzuela has the very rare ability to combine an innovative strategic vision with exceptional operational expertise. As a result, he creates practical solutions that not only improve performance today, but they also position organizations for future success.

Nancy Steiger, CEO PeaceHealth - Northwest Network

Dr. Peter Valenzuela’s ongoing commitment to patients – both as a physician and as an administrator – demonstrates his medical expertise, management acumen, and core values. He is an outstanding leader for our times.

Doc-Related: A Physician's Guide to Fixing Our Ailing Health Care System

Much in the way the comic strip, Dlibert, taught us about corporate office culture, Doc-Related now takes us behind the clinic doors of today’s ailing US healthcare system. A medley of anecdotes, comics, and data-backed musings, Doc-Related’s “truth-tellers” turn out to be a half-dozen characters you will surely recognize. 

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