Dr. Valenzuela writes on topics ranging from creativity & innovation to leadership and organizational dynamics. His work has been featured in journals ranging from Healthcare Design Magazine to Medical Economics to Medscape to name just a few. His publication entitled “Using Lean to Redesign Your Team” was a finalist for the Edward B. Stevens Article of the Year, awarded by the Medical Group Management Association. Please feel free to download the articles below by clicking on them


  1.  Watch “How to Fix Health Care with a Comic” interview with youtuber ZDoggMD  here
  2. Dr. Peter Valenzuela shares his story and discusses his KevinMD article, “Patient Surveys: The Quest for Positive Reviews” with KevinMD. Listen to podcast here.
  3. “The Cartoonist” Listen to Dr. Valenzuela’s healthcare journey on Rx for Success podcast here
  4. Listen to podcast interview with Doc to the Future on “Succeeding in Value Based Care” here
  5. Dr. Valenzuela discusses “Wellness Programs that Help Avoid Burnout” with Outcomes Rocket. Listen to podcast here.
  6. “Healthcare Executive, Cartoonist Adds Author to Resume.” Listen to interview with MGMA Insights podcast here.
  7. “Doc-Related… a Comic So True… It’s Funny.” Listen to interview with Docs Outside the Box podcast here.
  8. Interview with Medicine Redefined podcast on “Healthcare Problems and their “Comical Solutions.” Listen here.
  9. Dr. Valenzuela shares his insights on health care with Doctor’s Inn podcast. Listen here